Event - Base 3 Behind the Scenes at Tesco

16 September 2014

On the 16th of September Base 3 went to Tesco. We went to learn about where the food that we buy comes from. It was a great experience for the whole class.

The Bakery

First of all we went into the Tesco bakery and met the baker Dale. He showed us some of the ingredients for bread he makes for the shop. Next we went over to the mixers and we started to add some of those ingredients. Lewis struggled to lift the 16kg bag of flour but Dale helped him. We also added salt, sugar, flour, yeast and water to the mix. We left the mixer to do its job. Meanwhile we tasted some bread; white, wholemeal and Mediterranean which has tomatoes, olives and red peppers in it. After that Dale got the dough out from the mixer and into a machine that shapes the bread. Finally Dale showed us the proving box where the bread will go and then the oven.

by Verity and Eleanor

Fruit and Vegetables

When we went to Tesco, we tasted some fruit and vegetables. We had to decide if we liked them. If we didn’t like the food we put an unhappy face on our sheet and if you did like the food we put a happy face. We also found out where the food came from. We tried: red and green peppers and grapes from Spain, carrots and strawberries from the UK, pineapple from Ivory Coast and apples from South Africa, bananas from Ecuador in South America and mangos from Costa Rica in Central America.

by Kayla and Isabel

The Cheese Counter

Next we went to the cheese counter and tasted some cheeses such as 5 counties, Stilton, Brie, Double Gloucester and Edam. Corinne gave us a taste of the cheese and we all gave our own opinions on them. I think most people didn’t like the stilton we tried.

Five counties - Five counties was loved or hated. It had lots of different cheeses in it which gave it its orangey-red stripes and whitey-yellow ones too. It contained layers of Cheddar, Red Leicester, Cheshire, Double Gloucester and Derby cheeses.

Edam - Edam had an interesting flavour. It tasted rubbery but some people loved it and some people hated it. The outer layer was made of red wax. The cheese came from Holland and was made from cow’s milk

Double Gloucester - The Double Gloucester had chives and onions in it. Lots of people enjoyed it, the texture was creamy. The colour was yellowy white, it was made in Gloucester.

Brie - It had a chalky white outer layer. Its skin is hard and slightly crusty but still edible surprisingly. When you tried the outer layer it was kind of odd. When you tried the cheese it was gooey and it melted in your mouth. I think most people didn’t like it though.

Stilton - Stilton had a very strong taste and lots of people did not like it. It contained mould which was injected though the holes in the side. It was crusty on the outside.

We really enjoyed tasting the cheeses and we wish we could go back some time soon.

by Louise, Esther and Grace

The Fish Counter

We visited the fish counter and a lady called Rita gave us some gloves to put on and then she passed round a Sea Bream for us all to look at and feel. After that she passed round a variety of sea food including: squid, scallops, crab and prawns. Finally she gutted the sea bream for us all to see. At times it was disgusting but we all found it very interesting.

by Evie, Keira and Olivia


Then we went into the fridges and freezers and found out that it was very cold; about -20 in the freezer and just above freezing in the fridge. At Tesco they have all sorts of different storage places. There are two reasons why the items are in different rooms: so that the germs from the meat don’t spread onto the other products and the food needs to be in different temperatures to stay healthy to eat. The rest of the food is stored just down the corridors from the fridges and freezers. It contains drinks, toys, school things and stuff like that. Through the door from the room is where they bring the food into the store, they normally do it at night.

by Jamie, Tommy and Ethan

Tesco Checkouts

One of the activities we took part in was an around the shop checkout challenge. We grabbed 2 items each and then we had to check them out at the checkout ourselves. Tommy bought nappies and Barbie wrapping paper. Lewis bought a powerade energy drink and Destiny.

by Elias and Lewis