Event - Year 2 Beaumanor Residential

17 March 2014

The Year 2 children experienced a great two-day, one-night trip away to Beaumanor Hall on their first school residential visit.

We set off on Monday morning with ten very excited children and returned on Tuesday with the same ten children (always an achievement from a staff point of view!) The children settled into their new ‘home’ very quickly, sorting out sleeping arrangements and making sure they knew where they were having their tea!

During the first day, they explored the grounds of Beaumanor and took part in a nature trail, pond dipping, a night walk (searching for nocturnal animals), and a bedtime story under the stars sat around the ‘story tree’.

After a very busy and tiring day, which included a roast dinner feast, they all settled down to sleep! The staff were amazed at how quickly they all feel asleep, with the first little voice being heard at 6am (which was Mrs Howden whispering to Miss Moore ‘are you awake yet!’)

The second day came around all too quickly, with our band of Merry Men led by Robin Hood - aka Mr Jenkinson. Disappointingly, he failed us by not wearing his green tights, but more than made up for it by looking ‘very fetching’ in his Pixie hat - we now know who to ask to be Santa’s little helper at the next Christmas Fayre!

We spent the morning in the woods building shelters and trails and hiding from the Sherriff of Nottingham. Mrs Howden and Maid Marion built a camp fire and made ‘a Scalford version’ of squirrel soup, cooked over the fire, which the children all volunteered to try and found that they really enjoyed it!

After practicing their archery with their bows and arrows, all too quickly the trip was over and we returned to school tired, dirty but WOW, what an experience.

The children were fantastic, a real pleasure to take away, and we as a staff, could see them grow even during the short time we were away. They worked as a team, helping each other and were a credit to their families and school.

Well done Year 2 and we hope that they will remember the trip for many years to come.