Event - Theatre Trip to 'Shrek' in Nottingham

11 September 2014

On September 11th, we were treated to a fantastic musical extravaganza as we were entertained by Lord Farquaard, Princess Fiona, Donkey and of course Shrek himself, at Nottingham Theatre Royal.

As the curtains opened and the music began the children gasped and were enthralled by this magnificent stage show.

Our roving reporters Isabel, Louise, Olivia and Elias, Base 3 wrote the following:

On Thursday 11 September we went to the Theatre Royal in Nottingham to see ‘Shrek – The Musical’. We were very excited before we went in and it started with Shrek aged 7 being thrown out of his home by his parents. We also saw Princess Fiona as a 7 year old at the start. One of the funniest bits was when Shrek and Princess Fiona had a competition to see who was best at trumping and burping. Lord Farquaard was very funny because he was so tiny and the dragon was incredible and very clever because it was a giant puppet with glowing eyes and fluttering eye lashes. There were lots of other fairy tale characters that made us laugh including Pinocchio whose nose grew when he told lies. There were great songs and dances and there was a happy ending when Fiona turned into an ogre and married Shrek.