Snippets of News

Base 1 Release Butterflys

Releasing the butterflies.

26 June 2018

The children in Base 1 were very excited to release four beautiful Painted Lady butterflies into the world this week.

They had a delivery of caterpillars three weeks ago and have been able to follow the life cycle of a butterfly within the classroom setting.

Base 3 trip to Little Dalby

Base 3 children enjoying time at Little Dalby.

15 June 2018

Base 3 visited The Ernest Cook Trust site at Little Dalby as part of their outdoor learning.

Whilst there, various activities have taken place including pond dipping, den building, wood crafts and tales around the camp fire!

We are grateful to ‘Friends of Scalford School’ for financially supporting the costs of transport to enable these wonderful trips to take place.

Netball Competition

Our Year 5 and 6 netball players.

24 May 2018

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children had a great time at a Netball competition at Belvoir Academy playing against other local schools.

Year 6 go to Pizza Express

Throwing the dough for our pizzas.

24 May 2018

The children in Year 6 had a very enjoyable morning when they were invited on a ‘behind the scenes tour’ of Pizza Express.

During their visit, the children learnt about the ingredients that goes into and onto Pizzas, and were given a demonstration of Pizza base throwing, before getting their hands on the dough and having a go themselves!

Wearing our Scouting Uniforms

Some of our chiildren in their uniforms.

23 April 2018

Children that attend Beavers, Cubs or Scouts were invited to come to school wearing their Scouting uniforms in honour of St.George, who is the Patron Saint of Scouting.

Years 5/6 Tag Rugby Event

Our team.

17 April 2018

Some of our Year 5 and 6's took part in a Tag Rugby event at Melton Rugby club.

They proudly wore the new team kit and competed against other local schools.

They came in 5th place overall and had a great afternoon.

Base 3 at Little Dalby

Fun at Little Dalby.

12 April 2018

Base 3 visited The Ernest Cook Trust Estate at Little Dalby thanks to the support of 'Friends of Scalford School' who kindly pay for the visits.

The children had a wonderful time during their day of outdoor learning and managed to make the most of the resources available.

Base 3's Mystery Stories

Base 3's collection of stories.

March 2018

The children in Base 3 have all written short mystery stories. Some are strange, some are scary, some will leave you on the edge of your seat.

We have turned them into a class book (below) which you are free to download and share with your friends and family.

Base 3 Theatre Trip to see 'War Horse'

Excited to be at the theatre.

15 March 2018

Base 3 visited Nottingham Concert Hall where they were taken on a journey from the fields of rural Devon to the trenches of First World War France.

The children saw breath-taking life-sized horses by South Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company, who bring breathing, galloping, charging horses to thrilling life on stage.

This will definitely be a performance the children will remember!

Year 4 at the Vale Choral Festival

Performing at the Festival.

14 March 2018

The children in Year 4 took part in the Vale Choral Festival which was held at Belvoir High School.

They had been practising their songs in the weeks leading up to the event with a specialist music teacher, and then joined other primary schools from the Vale of Belvoir to perform at the Festival.

The children performed brilliantly on the night in front of proud staff and parents.

Base 1 at Oakham Castle

Enjoying a medieval banquet.

20 February 2018

Base 1 visited Oakham castle to support their work on castles. They were taught about medieval food, dances and houses, ate a medieval banquet and some dressed up as knights!

Here are a few comments from the children:

"I sat at the ‘posh’ end of the table and ate off a pewter plate. I wore a black and pink dress and a crown. On the table there was a boars head" - Bella

"I sat at the poor end of the table and ate off a plate made of bread. I was a knight, I wore a helmet and carried a shield" - Diggory

A Visit from Author Grant Koper

The children listen to author, Grant Koper.

2 February 2018

The children in Bases 1 and 2 had a visit from author Grant Koper who wrote 'The Day Granny's Knickers Blew Away'.

Grant read the book to the children and the children then had the opportunity to have a copy of the book personally signed.

Year 5 Cycle Training

Some of our safe cyclists.

1 nd 8 February 2018

Year 5 spent a couple of days learning all about how to stay safe whilst cycling on the road.

They can now confidently signal left and right, know how to check whether their bike and helmet are safe and have gained road safety awareness.

The children were presented with their Level 1 and 2 certificates and badges at our Gold Book assembly.

Cinderella Pantomime

16 January 2018

On the 16th January Bases 1 and 2 enjoyed a visit to Nottingham Playhouse to see the pantomime Cinderella.

The children had a brilliant time and enjoyed booing the evil step-mother. A couple of children made it onto the stage and had great fun taking part and talking to the characters!

Base 3 at the Anne Frank Exhibition

At the New Walk Museum.

15 January 2018

Base 3 visited this exhibition at the New Walk Museum in Leicester, and learnt about the incredible history of Anne Frank and the events of WW2 around the time of her short life.

We also heard the story of someone who survived and escaped on the Kindertransport and who is still alive today.

Making Mince Pies

Making the pastry for our delicious pies.

20 December 2017

Over the last few days of the Christmas Term, the children in Base 2 and Base 3 made mince pies to take home as a gift for their families.

The mince pies smelt delicious and the children enjoyed working in small groups to make them.

Christmas Party

Lots of fun for all at the Christmas Party.

19 December 2017

Accompanied by music provided by Mr Riley the children dressed up in their special party outfits and enjoyed traditional party food and games.

Thank you to Miss Moore for organising the party games and a big thank you to FOSS who funded the party food.

Elf on the Shelf

Everyone enjoying the Elf Workshop.

15 December 2017

FOSS once again organised this very popular fundraiser and transformed the Resources classroom into an Elf Workshop.

The children were able to buy, wrap and label a gift for a loved one at Christmas which meant that their family were able to receive a special gift chosen by the child to open on Christmas Day.

The children loved choosing the gift, thinking about the reasons for the gift, and were able to enjoy the magical Christmas experience during the school day.

Thank you to our FOSS parents for their hard work.

Carol Singing at Scalford Court

Singing to the residents.

11 December 2017

This is one of our favourite events and one that we hold very dear. We sang a selection of carols to the residents of Scalford Court and the children were then treated to a drink and a cake.

Well done and thank you to all the children and parents who came along.

Base 2 at Little Dalby

Some of Base 2 enjoying the outdoor life.

7 December 2017

When we went to Little Dalby we had to do sticky feet at the start and end.

Later on we built some dens for the woodland animals and they were: foxes, owls, hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits and badges.

Then we ate lunch after that we went to look at all of the other dens.

Then we had free play for 20 minutes then we had to go back to the base camp and then we went to the car park to get on the bus to go back to school.

We had a great day and would like to go again.

by Lola, Jessica and Archie

Christingle Service

Children with their lit candles.

5 December 2017

A wonderful start to our Christmas celebrations and one of our most special services of the year held in the Methodist Chapel.

Pictured are our Year 6 children singing our favourite Christingle Hymn with their lit candles.

Singing at the Melton Lights Switch-On Event

Some of the children singing at the switch-on.

1 December 2017

Base 3 enjoyed a visit to Melton to sing to the crowds that had gathered prior the the main 'switch on' of the Christmas lights.

They then enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate supplied by Gracies!

Year 5/6 Basketball Event

Basketball players from Years 5/6.

27 November 2017

We saw a great performance from our Year 5/6 basketball squad at Belvoir High School.

They may not have won, but they had great fun and displayed a lot of skill.

Cross Country Race at Prestwold Hall

Some of our cross country runners in action.

25 November 2017

Some of the children in Years 3 to 6 competed in the Primary Cross-Country race at Prestwold Hall.

They all did brilliantly and the Year 6 boys came second in the small school category.

Well done to everyone who competed!

Children in Need

Dressed up for Children in Need.

17 November 2017

The children dressed up to raise money for this year's Children In Need.

We all enjoyed our 'spotacular' day, and raised £70 for the worthy cause.

Year 6 at the Warning Zone

Year 6 at the Warning Zone.

13 November 2017

On Monday 13th November Year 6 went to Warning Zone in Leicester.

The children learnt about risks and consequences and how to stay safe in day to day situations.

Activities included investigating how to deal with fires, how to behave around trains and railways, roads, water, building sites and the dangers of electricity.


Remembrance Service at the Church.

10 November 2017

On Friday 10th November we went to Church for a remembrance service.

The staff, children, family and friends all remembered those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Tournament

Our tag rugby players.

24 October 2017

A squad of eleven children entered Scalford's first ever tournament at this level and it was a huge pleasure to watch them play with such enthusiasm, energy, enjoyment, teamwork and sportsmanship.

With the wonderful support and coaching of Wayne and Becky Greaves the team won all except one of their games and were only pipped to the gold medal on a tiny score difference.

The children should be very proud of themselves.

Leaf Art

Beautiful artwork created by the children..

1 October 2017

Base 2 and 3 enjoyed spending time in the beautiful sunshine with all the wonderful autumn colours.

The children created this piece of art by all working together as a team.

Year 6 Vale Sports

Year 6 at the Vale Sports.

9 June 2017

Also called the 'Transition Games', this event was a chance for the Year 6 children to mix with other Year 6 children from other local schools during a day of team-building activities and sports.

They all made new friends, some of whom will be heading to the same secondary schools.

The weather was very kind to them and they all had a great day.

Year 6 Activity Day

Fun on the water.

7 June 2017

Our Year 6's went to the National Watersports Centre at Holme Pierrepont for an activity day.

They had a wonderful sunny time kayaking, raft-building and scrambling round an adventure course.

Belvoir Netball Tournament

Our talented netball players.

18 May 2017

A squad of eight Year 6 children took part in this competition and played fantastically well! They won three out of four matches and were only beaten by the overall winners.

A huge thank you to our super-coach Becky Greaves for getting the team in such good shape!

BBC Election Interview

BBC interview.

15 May 2017

The children were very excited to be interviewed for a special BBC election piece.

A few children were fortunate enough to have five seconds of fame and appear on the East Midlands news!

Basketball Hoops 4 Health Tournament

The basketball team.

7 April 2017

On Friday 7th April some Year 5 and 6 children went to represent Scalford School at a basketball tournament, and we did very well.

I would like to thank the family members for bringing along the children and for supporting us during the competition. Also a huge thank you for Miss Moore for arranging wonderful sports days for us to do.

After we played we got to meet some of the players and watch Leicester Riders beat Sheffield Sharks. We all had an incredible day.

by Ruby

Base 3 trip to Holwell

Enjoying the nature reserve.

31 March 2017

Base 3 walked across the fields to a nature reserve in Holwell.

It was a beautiful day and they all had a fantastic time. They did some map work, identified wild flowers and learnt about classifying minibeasts.

They saw quite a bit of wildlife and some children were lucky enough to see a muntjac deer and others saw a green woodpecker.

Tag Rugby Tournament

Our Tag Rugby players.

27 March 2017

On Monday, a team of eight Year 5 and 6 children participated in a Tag Rugby tournament for Vale Schools.

Every member of the team played with commitment and determination and we were so proud of their efforts. More importantly, we had a great time and enjoyed all our matches.

Base 3 trip to The Twits

Base 3 at the Leicester Curve.

13 January 2017

Base 3 enjoyed a visit to the Leicester Curve Theatre to see The Twits.

There, they took part in a behind the scenes workshop where they met some of the actors and took park in drama activities.

Trip to 'Aladdin' Pantomime

Characters in the pantomime.

11 January 2017

On the 11th January Bases 1 and 2 enjoyed a visit to Nottingham Playhouse to see the pantomime Aladdin.

All of the children had a fantastic time.

Have a look at what Base 2 pupils thought was the funniest and scariest parts:

Goldies and Oldies

Our special service.

16 December 2016

We held a very special service for the second year running.

The residents of Scalford Court joined us for a festive celebration bringing with them their amazing singing voices, accompanied by Sue (Scalford Courts answer to Mr Malone!).

The children all sang beautifully and some ‘spotlights’ shone on children learning musical instruments in school.

Year 6 at the Warning Zone

Exploring at the Warning Zone.

10 October 2016

On Monday 10 October, Year 6 visited Warning Zone in Leicester.

We learnt about all sorts of hazards and dangers such as fire risk, water safety, roads and railways, electricity, building sites and alcohol.

We also explored the new E-safety zone which was full of funfair games that helped us to learn about staying safe online.

Learning about Stilton

Learning all about the making of Stilton cheese.

6 October 2016

Mr Skailes (Jack and Hugo's dad) came in to talk to Base 3 about making Stilton.

We learnt about the important ingredients and how they are put together to make this very famous cheese. He showed us pictures of the Cropwell Bishop Creamery and we got to taste three of the cheeses that he produces.

Very many thanks to Mr Skailes for an excellent start to our Thursday!

Vale Football Tournament

Our football team.

5 October 2016

The team did an amazing job on Tuesday and won two out of their four matches.

There were some fantastic goals scored and some excellent passing and defending.

The children all showed great sportsmanship, team spirit and enthusiasm.

A Farewell to Rev Bev

Saying a fond farewell to Rev Bev.

30 September 2016

A special service was held in St Egelwin's Church, Scalford for a very special lady.

'Our Rev Bev' has decided to take well her earned retirement and will be leaving the parish in October. She has been a large part of Scalford C of E Primary School and has worked along side Headteachers and Governors for the past 12 years.

We achieved Outstanding SIAMs status in 2015 and this would not have been possible without her guidance and support.

The staff and Governors presented her with an oak bread board with an inscription from the Lord's Prayer together with home made bread from a family whose children attend our school.

We wish both Beverley and her husband David a long, healthy and happy retirement.

Base 3 at Little Dalby

Fun with friends at Little Dalby.

15 March 2016

Base 3 visited The Ernest Cook Trust Estate at Little Dalby thanks to the support of 'Friends of Scalford School' who kindly pay for the visits.

The children had a wonderful time during their day of outdoor learning and managed to make the most of the resources available.

Their studies included Geography and map skills.

Vale Choral Festival

Our colourful Vale Choral performance.

2 March 2016

The children in Years 3 and 4 took part in the Vale Choral Festival which was held at Belvoir High School.

They had been practising their songs in the weeks leading up to the event with a specialist music teacher, and then joined other primary schools from the Vale of Belvoir to perform at the Festival.

The children looked splendid in their T-shirts of many colours and sang beautifully during the evening (not a dry eye in the house).

Indian Dance Workshop

Enjoying the dance!

23 February 2016

On Tuesday 23rd February all of the children took part in Indian Dance workshops when they were visited by Pushpanjali Dance Company.

Traditional stories were told through the art of Indian Dance as well as Indian aerobics!

Cross Country Race

Cross country runners in action.

9 February 2016

15 children took part in a local Primary schools Cross Country race held at Hose playing fields on 9th February.

Despite the very wet and windy conditions, the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

One of our shining stars came first in her age group. Well done to all the children who joined in and apologies to parents for the muddy trainers!

Big Breakfast Week

Scrambled egg, anyone?

25 to 29 January 2016

The whole school took part in 'Big Breakfast Week' which is now an firm favourite in our annual calendar.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the variety of food which they were offered which included scrambled egg on brown toast, super smooth smoothies (hand made by the super smooth Mr Leonard), eggy bread, Singapore noodles and fruit kebabs!

Theatre Visits

Meeting some of the cast of 'Oliver'.

13 and 14 January 2016

A great time was had by all the children when they visited the Theatre last week.

Base 3 attended the production ‘Oliver’ at the Curve in Leicester, and were fortunate to meet some of the cast at the end of the show.

Bases 1 and 2 were entertained at the Playhouse in Nottingham with the traditional Pantomime ‘Dick Whittington’.

Both productions were brilliant - and the children were a delight to take out with their good behaviour being noted by members of the public. Thank you to FOSS for their donation towards the visits.

Christmas Party

At the Christmas party.

17 December 2015

Accompanied by music provided by Mr Riley the children enjoyed traditional party food and games.

We are grateful to FOSS who funded the food for us.

Who is this 'snowman'?

Christmas Run

On the 'Christmas Run'.

16 December 2015

The children enjoyed their final run of 2015 festively attired and ably accompanied by Mrs Cox and Mrs Musson.


The nativity.

9 and 10 December 2015

Wow! The children really excelled at the Nativity this year. Performed at St Egelwin's Church, the Christmas Story was depicted the ‘Scalford School’ way!

The children's costumes looked amazing!

Singing at the Melton Light Switch-On Event

Singing at the switch-on event.

4 December 2015

Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed a visit to Melton to sing to the crowds that had gathered prior the the main 'switch on' of the Christmas lights.

They then enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate supplied by Gracies!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Base 2 hanging the baubles on the tree.

4 December 2015

A big thank you to the local community for your generosity. The children of Base 2 really enjoyed hanging the baubles on the Christmas tree.

Little Dalby

Look who joined us for lunch!

17 November 2015

Activities had been carefully African-themed and included making clay faces on trees inspired by African masks.

We were also lucky to spot some lovely wildlife, with some children seeing a hare, a fox and a wood mouse.

Messy Fiesta

Doves - representing Peace.

16 November 2015

The children enjoyed a variety of activities on ‘Peace’ at Messy Fiesta on Monday. Strongly supporting links to RE, art and design, music and PHSE.

Cross Country Running Club

Cross Country runners on the go!

11 November 2015

On 11th November our Cross Country Running Club enjoyed another run through the local countryside with Mr and Mrs Leonard.

The club has been very well attended, and the children really enjoy their lunchtime runs!

Remembrance Day

The service at Church.

11 November 2015

The staff and children went to Church on Remembrance Day. The children read some beautiful poems and words and remembered those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

At precisely 11am everyone gathered around the memorial for two minutes silence.

Red Nose Day

Lots of fun on 'Red Nose Day'

13 March 2015

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards Red Nose Day. The children had a great day with some super funny faces!

A very big thank you to Mrs Laffan who very kindly knitted a gorgeous Red Nose bear which was won by Freya (who has promised to love and cherish him).

We have raised a magnificent £290.94 which will be doubled by the government this year under the ‘operation double your money scheme’.

Waste Awareness Workshop

Learning about waste and recycling.

26 January 2015

After some warm-ups with Alan, children in Years 4, 5 and 6 were given some objects in a plastic bag and we had to sort out which ones would break down or disintegrate fastest when left in the ground.

We found out that some objects disappear faster than others and some never disappear. So instead of putting these things into landfill sites, we worked out ways we could reuse or recycle them.

We sang a song all about reducing, recycling and reusing and we looked at compost and how worms help to recycle things in the soil. We even held some worms! We finished with some games.

We had a lot of fun and it was nice learning about how we can help to save the planet.

by Jasmine and Freya

The Skills Show

Base 3 at The Skills Show.

13 November 2014

On Thursday 13 November, Base 3 went to The Skills Show at the Birmingham NEC.

It was very big and very busy but we saw so many different things and got to have a go at doing lots of jobs we had never tried before.

Some of our favourites included using robots, wiring electrical circuits, plastering, decorating, pipe-bending, welding, floristry, fashion design, roofing, stone masonry, reading the news and changing the wheel on an F1 racing car.

Remembrance Day

The poem at the Tower of London.

11 November 2014

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the children will visit St Egelwin’s Church to remember those who fell during past world conflicts. This year commemorates 100 years since the outbreak on World War One.

Verity (Base 3) has written a beautiful poem which we thought would be nice to share. Mrs Howden took a copy of the poem on her visit to the Tower of London to see the display of poppies ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’. She read it to friends whilst there and not a dry eye was spared.

Year 6 trip to Warning Zone

Year 6 at Warning Zone.

5 November 2014

On Wednesday 5 November Year 6 went to Warning Zone in Leicester.

We learnt a lot about risks and consequences and about how to stay safe in lots of situations.

Activities included investigating how to deal with fires, how to behave around trains and railways, roads, water, building sites and the dangers of electricity.

Messy Fiesta

Trusting activities on Messy Fiesta day.

13 October 2014

On Monday 13th October we had our Messy Fiesta Day which was based on the theme of Trust. The children had a wonderful day of activities which included an obstacle course blindfolded and trusting items with friends.

"I love Messy Fiesta because it is fun working in houses. It doesn’t feel like learning, but the adults help us," said Poppy.

Lewis from Year 6 summed up the day by saying: "It is very important to learn about trust. If you lead in PE you have to trust and believe in each other and have a team spirit".

Red, White and Blue Day

All dressed in red, white and blue.

10 October 2014

A very big thank you to everyone for supporting Red White and Blue Day which is a charity who supports service families.

The children looked splendid in their Red, White and Blue clothes and the day raised £95.

Thank you to all our super cake bakers for their donations of cakes for our sale at the end of the day.

Melton Lions Art Competition

Katie's artwork on display.

June 2014

Congratulations to Katie Eggleston who came second in the Melton Lions World Peace Poster Competition.

Miss Moore attended an award ceremony held in the Civic Suite at the Melton Borough Council offices and collected an prize to school of £75.

Ruby Ashmore also received a special award from the Lions for her efforts during the recent Swimarathon event. Well done Ruby.

Crime and Punishment at Oakham Castle

Judge Clemons in the court.

11 June 2014

Base 3 joined a class from Stathern Primary School on a joint visit to Oakham Castle to study Crime and Punishment.

There they met a very hard line judge by the name of Judge Penny Clemons - aka retired teacher at Scalford School!

She tried all the members of Base 3 and condemned them to death by shouting ‘Off with their heads!’ - and they had only come to give evidence!

Year 6 visit Pizza Express

Sampling the delicious pizzas.

20 May 2014

The children in Year 6 had a very enjoyable morning when they were invited on a ‘behind the scenes tour’ of Pizza Express.

Having had a lesson in reading bus timetables, they travelled to Melton on the bus, much to the entertainment of the other passengers.

During their visit, the children learnt about the ingredients that goes into and onto Pizzas, and were given a demonstration of Pizza base throwing, before getting their hands on the dough and having a go themselves - some more successful than others! Mrs Waring and Mrs Tomkinson were able to sample the results!

Well done to Year 6 who were a credit to take out and behaved impeccably.

Easter Bonnets and Eggs

Proudly displaying our Easter bonnets.

11 April 2014

On the last day of the Spring term, Base 1 had an Easter Parade through school wearing their beautifully decorated Easter Bonnets. They all looked splendid and real time and effort had obviously gone into making such fantastic headwear.

Congratulations to Aidan and Orla who won the best bonnet competition, to Maddie and Lily Cox for the best decorated eggs (Base 2 Competition) and to Louise, Eleanor and Charlotte Harris for the best decorated cards (Base 3 competition).

Chinese New Year Workshops

7 February 2014

On Friday 7th February, to celebrate Chinese New Year, the year of the horse, we held a series of workshops throughout the day for the children.

The children were invited to dress up in Chinese festival clothes, listen to different musical sounds from China, learn to say ‘Happy New Year’ in Cantonese and visit Mrs Chang’s China Shop and be served by Wendy from Hong Kong!

We were even visited by a friendly, dancing Lion.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Sampling different breakfast foods.

27 January 2014

The children took part in Farmhouse Breakfast week during which the children’s taste buds were transported around the world, from Australia to America calling in on Africa, Asia and Europe.

Everyone had the opportunity to sample breakfast foods that they would almost certainly not usually eat on a daily basis including falafel from Africa, Thai curry from Asia and Vegemite from Australia (you either love it or you hate it!). Each Base explored the countries from which the food is eaten and even danced to original music from Africa!

Scalford’s Santas

Santa fun runners.

December 2013

Some of the children and parents took part in the Melton Santa Fun Run and had a very enjoyable morning running in the winter sunshine.

Well done to all who took part – you all looked great in your Santa outfits.

Grantham Canal Society Award

Mrs Howden receives the award prize.

22 November 2013

Mrs Howden was presented with a cheque for £100 from the Grantham Canal Society after winning a competition for school.

She attended a ‘Canal Discovery Day’ as part of the award celebration and looked into the possibility of school taking a group of children on a ‘canal day’.

Hopefully we will be able to set this up for next summer and put the winnings towards the costs.

We Will Remember Them

Our Remembrance tribute.

11 November 2013

The children took part in a moving Remembrance Service on Monday 11th November and observed a two minute silence at 11 am.

Thank you to everyone who supported the British Legion Poppy Appeal by buying a poppy to remember those who have given their lives for us and sadly, still continue to do so.

Cross Country Stars

Our cross country competitors.

5 October 2013

We are very proud that three of our girls took part in the first event of the Leicestershire Primary School Cross Country series, which was held on Saturday 5th October.

The race was muddy but the girls ran very well and they enjoyed the event so much that they all intend to compete in the next two events!

Little Dalby Trips

Toasting marshmallows at Little Dalby.

October 2013

Each Base has visited The Ernest Cook Trust site at Little Dalby as part of their outdoor learning. Whilst there, various activities have taken place including pond dipping, den building, wood crafts and tales around the camp fire!

We are grateful to ‘Friends of Scalford School’ for financially supporting the costs of transport to enable these wonderful trips to take place.

Macmillan Tea Party

Fundraising Tea Party.

27 September 2013

Our School Council voted to hold a tea party to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Parents and children baked cakes and the children invited parents and friends of Scalford School to join them in a tea party.

The children organised a non-uniform day to boost funds. A total of £190 was raised.

Scalford is a Top Performing School

11 July 2013

Our school is to be recognised in a joint Coalition Government and Ofsted report, which highlights top performing schools nationally.

Scalford is identified as one of these schools and our Headteacher, Mrs Hill, was invited to write an editorial explaining how we have brought the school to this position.

Read more about this on the Government Initiatives IQ website (external link).

Great Scalford Bake Off

Great Scalford Bake Off winner.

8 July 2013

Children were invited to bake a cake at home and bring it to school. This was part of children's efforts to raise money for the Send A Cow, Christian Aid project.

Fifteen cakes were brought in with a huge array of designs and ideas.

The judges of Mrs Hill, Mrs Tomkinson, Mrs Winder and special guest Sean (co-owner of the Red Lion Inn at Stathern) were incredibly impressed with the cakes. Judging was very close.

The winner, who you can see in the photo, received a voucher for lunch for two at the Red Lion.

Many thanks to everyone who enetered and to Sean and the Red Lion Inn for their time and donating the prize.

Leicester Tigers Tag Rugby Coaching

Tag rugby fun.

14 June 2013

Friday 14th June saw the start of our five week training programme with Leicester Tigers.

Years 1 to 4 took part in training sessions with a Leicester Tigers coach and started off this week learning basic handling skills.

The weather was kind, which meant the children got to stay outside and enjoy their sessions. The children played a range of games and had great fun!

Rocket Workshop with the National Space Centre

Rocket testing.

22 March 2013

On the 22nd March, every class had the chance to make a test their own rockets.

The National Space Centre led the workshops with children, incorporating Maths and Science skills into the sessions.

Music at Scalford Recognised

15 January 2013

Sing Up Silver Award Logo

The effort put into music both in and out of the curriculum, has been recognised by Scalford School being awarded the Silver Sing Up Award.

We are really proud of this achievement and our committment to providing music opportunities to our pupils.

A big thank you to pupils and staff for all their hard work and also our parents and community for supporting our singing events.

Recognition of Scalford's SATs Achievements 2012

18 December 2012

Check out an article in the Melton Times (external link) celebrating our fantastic results.

Scalford in Top 10 County Schools for Pupil Achievement

14 December 2012

If you have read the Telegraph today, you will have seen that Scalford's 2012 results placed us in the top 10 of Primary Schools in Leicestershire for achievement at Level 4 and above.

Please see the newsletter on December 21st for further details.

Creepy Crawly Christmas

11 and 12 December 2012

Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th saw the performances of Creepy Crawly Christmas. Holly and Verity did amazing jobs with their solos, the costumes were fantastic and all the children sang their hearts out!

Christingle Service

6 December 2012

On the 6th December, the whole school went to the Methodist Chapel in Scalford for our annual Christingle Service.

Organised with the Pre-school, children sang a range of festive songs. We were also treated to Twinkle, twinkle by the Pre school, beautifully accompanied by Maisie, Holly and Ellis on their flutes.

Base 2 World War 2 Day at Beaumanor Hall

World War II at Beaumanor Hall.

23 November 2012

Base 2 visited Beaumanor Hall and took part in a range of activities, linked to their theme of World War II.

The children all came dressed up in outfits as if they were war time evacuees, with their packed lunch wrapped in paper and gas mask boxes they had made!

Diwali Week

Year 2 pupils trying out their samosas and biryani during our Indian lunch.

12 to 16 November 2012

To celebrate Diwali, the whole school had a theme week linked to the Hindu festival.

Children from Key Stage 2 visited different places of worship in Leicester, including a Gudhwara and the Jain Temple and children in Base 1 made an Indian feast of samosas and biryani.

Base 1 Fire Service Visit

The Fire Service pay a visit.

4 September 2012

On 4th September, the children in Base 1 enjoyed a visit from the Fire Service.

New Starters

New starters at Scalford.

1 September 2012

Meet the new starters to Scalford, who joined us this September.

The Olympic Torch at Scalford

Base 1 pupils with Mr Newton, Olympic torch bearer.

13 July 2012

On 13th July 2012, the Olympic Torch came to Scalford when torch bearer Mr David Newton came to visit.

It was very exciting when we got to see a real Olympic Torch up close!

Name the Teddy

"I won the teddy"!

3 July 2012

At our Olympic Torch event on 3rd July 2012 we had a 'Guess the Name of the Teddy' competition.

Here you can see our lucky winner. Well done!

Gruffalo Day

Looking for the Gruffalo... Did I see his purple prickles?

22 May 2012

Base 1 spent the day at Beaumanor Hall, looking for the Gruffalo.

The children went on a Gruffalo hunt, looking in the woods and his den.

World Book Day

The winning front cover.

1 March 2012

To celebrate World Book Day, all the children contributed writing to a book that was published by Scholastic.

Verity won the competition to design the front cover.

New Head Appointed at Scalford

New Scalford headteacher Kerry Hill with some of the children. Photo: © Tim Williams Melton Times.

30 January 2012

Check out this article in the Melton Timese (external link) that welcomed our new Headteacher, Mrs Kerry Hill to Scalford Primary.